Here we go again!

We’re thrilled to announce Chimeras INO on NFTb platform, and we are sure you don’t want to miss it!

INO Details:

Platform: NFTb
Date: December, 6
Time: 12:00 PM UTC
Distribution: December, 7

Available for purchase NFTs:

• 788 common packs x 50$ = 39400$
• 560 uncommon packs x 90$ = 50400$
• 380 rare packs x 290$ = 110200$

All participants will get early game access in December.
We are going to introduce our staking program for NFTs in a few days.
Special gift in each pack — XP potion for leveling the characters up!
After distribution these NFTs will be tradeable on our marketplace and other secondary markets.
These limited creatures will be available for purchase only on INO platforms.

What’s up, family!

The INO is around the corner, Prostarter has confirmed the conditions and date of the sale!

INO Details:

Platform: Prostarter
Date: December, 3
Time: 4:00 PM UTC
Distribution: December, 7

Available for purchase NFTs:

800 packs x 125$ = 100000$ (contain one 1–5* Chosen upgradable NFT character…

The world of Chimeras is the one that hasn’t been created from anything. There is a legend behind it all. Let’s get through it to have a better understanding of the creatures’ development and purpose.

The world of Chimeras is an ancient world where the Alathor, the creator of everything…

Hello, Chimeras Family!

We have received lots of questions about Chimeras TOKENOMY, circulating supply, and vesting details, so we decided to make the detailed article!

Special at your request, today we are sharing the project tokenomy in detail, which will be supplemented following future events.

Here is the fullest information.

Chimeras are mystical creatures full of strength and magic skills. The adventures you can have with them are endless within the game. Develop your own magic world, level up the creatures, and earn with the NFTs — all with the creatures of Chimeras.

Creatures: the Chimeras and the Chosen

There are two types of characters in…

CHIM Listing Issues Successfully Resolved And Explained

Chimeras Play-2-Earn Metaverse

The Chimeras project would like to explain the unpleasant situation that took place on October, 28, when 3 IDOs on the Ignition, BullPerks, and RedKite platforms and the listing on Pancakeswap were held (IDO on the Poolz platform was held 2 days before).


Chimeras, a thrilling mobile free-to-play and play-to-earn game with the integrated DeFi farming and NFTs.🎮🔥

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