Chimeras In-Game Store Is Live

Hey, folks, in this article we will tell all about our in-game store that was just added in the latest update.

You can use the store to purchase various in-game creatures or resources. Different types of creatures will be displayed under different categories, so you can easily find your way around. In the store, you can use gold, CHIMs or real money to buy resources and creatures. The product offerings are constantly expanding as your experience level grows and you unlock new items.

To browse the offerings simply tap the Store button on the main screen. For now, you can purchase gold and CHIM packs in the store but we will be adding more items in the future.

Don’t forget to update the game to get access to the Store, but bear in mind that for now, it is only available in the versions downloaded from App Store or Google Play. That’s it for now, we will be sure to come back with more Chimeras goodness and we’re always happy to see you play. To stay in the loop, follow us on Medium, Telegram or Twitter and join our Discord and Telegram communities.

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