Chimeras Buildings — What Can You Build on Your Island

3 min readFeb 8, 2023

Hey, folks, in the Chimeras Metaverse you can put a lot of buildings on your island, all with different, yet important, roles. Today we want to tell you about some of them so that you are prepared to jump into the game (which you can do right now on iOS and Android)!

Wizard Tower

Wizard Tower is your home base, the cornerstone of your island. This is where you, the wizard, reside and rule your land. The progress of all of your buildings is tied to the progress of the Wizard Tower, which means that you need to remember to upgrade it from time to time.

Wizard Tower is also a place where you can summon The Chosen Ones to battle for your honor in the arena. Chimeras with the Magus skill can also aid you in Wizard Tower and boost the effectiveness of the building.

Gold Mine

Gold Mine is the place where your chimeras look for gold and other valuables, the lower your chimeras dig into the ground the more energy they need. Chimeras Specialists with skills like Foreman or Timber-man can be used in the mines to increase the amount of gold you get or to reduce the chance of your chimeras encountering nasty curses.

Alchemist Lab

The place where the potions and artifacts get made. Chimeras with skills such as Lab. Assistant or Alchemist can be used here to help you in creating powerful items that you can use in the game.


There is no place like it. Home is used for breeding and incubating new chimeras from your existing ones, chimeras with skills like Nanny and Matchmaker can help you here to enlarge your army of chimeras. Which is a good thing, the more chimeras you have, the more resources you can get and the faster you can build your prosperous empire.

Source of Purification

Encountered a curse? Don’t worry, it all can be fixed in the Source of Purification. This is the place where you can send your chimeras that got cursed to cure them. Chimeras with the special Healer skill can work there to lower the difficulty of the labyrinth mini-game that you need to pass to lift the curse.

That’s it for today folks, we will be sure to come back again for more Chimeras goodness! Don’t forget to download the game, share your feedback and join our community on Social Media!




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