Chimeras November Game Development Digest

5 min readDec 1, 2022


Hey, folks, another month has just passed, which means that the Global Launch is getting closer and we have done a lot of work. So, let’s see what is new in Chimeras Metaverse.

Game Development

In November we launched Chimeras Open Beta on Android and IOS! Exciting! Now you can try out the game for yourself and join the community of players that have already tried out the game. Grab the latest version from this link.

When you launch the Beta you will be greeted with the new and updated tutorial that will help you get to know the main mechanics of the game.

Among other things we have added a multitouch zoom for more convenience, all of the chimeras now have their own names, managers’ skills are now visible and we added new animations and visuals.

Blockchain and Web

Our blockchain team has been very busy this month and achieved quite a lot.

Now you can connect your crypto wallet through Wallet Connect or directly to MetaMask through the in-game settings tab.

If you encounter any trouble with connecting your wallet, you can look through the helpful guide that we made.

Game Art

Holy Chimera, our Art Team was on a roll in November, so the game now looks better than ever before.

First, we reworked the Chimeras window, where you can watch all of the chimeras that you currently have, their levels and stats.

Reworked Chimeras window

We have reworked Building Mode for better usability and efficiency, as well as redesigned the security settings and the player profile window.

Reworked Building Editor
Redesigned Security settings

Now, we know that phones come in different shapes and sizes, so now the game UI accounts for the front camera notch.

But that is not all! Our amazing artist created these new and absolutely breathtaking backgrounds and textures.

New backgrounds
New building and ground textures

Finally, our chimeras are now bursting with life thanks to the new animations, and our chosen ones are getting new animations as well.

3D chimera’s animation


This month we launched the new and reworked version of our website, so don’t forget to check it out right here.

We organized an AMA event with our partners Gamerse to give a little bit more insight about Chimeras Metaverse, thank you everyone for attending and asking their questions.

Our partnership with Gamerse didn’t end there, we also launched a gleam giveaway. Thank you everyone for participating!

Our marketing team created a ton of interesting articles about the game and our other projects:

Also, this month we launched a Bug Reward program, so, you can let us know if you encountered any bugs in the open beta and get rewarded, for more details read our post in Telegram.

In November we spent a lot of time improving our Discord community, and now it has new roles, bots, channels and even a private club for our top community members. So, don’t forget to join and participate in our exciting activities!

In addition, we started the Meme contest and here are some of our favorites:

We plan even more engaging content, activities and contest, so don’t forget to join our social media and stay tuned!


November has been a very exciting month for our team and we managed to achieve a lot, but we are not going to stop and have a lot of things planned for next month. Don’t forget to try out our Open Beta and join our communities! See you in December!




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