Web-3 Chimeras Game Gears up for Global Launch

3 min readMar 15, 2023

RedPill Studio has announced the Global Launch of The Chimeras Metaverse — a tier-1 GameFi project with integrated NFTs on March 15th, 2023. The game, is already available on Google Play and will be available on App Store in a couple of dayssoon. After the successful Alpha and Beta versions launch, the game offers players an extensive lineup of exciting features designed to bootstrap user engagement and ensure a holistic gameplay experience.

The key distinguishing features positioning the Chimeras Metaverse as a tier-1 game are its top-notch graphics, varied gameplay options, and availability on Android with iOS version coming out soon. As a project with in-game DeFi features and user-generated NFT content and rewards, Chimeras is a full-fledged Play-to-Earn game.

With its fantasy setting and mesmerizing graphics, the game propels players into a magical world born out of Chaos that Alathor the Creator — a demiurg — bound into balance by powerful spells. Alathor shaped the world and its many races. Unfortunately, magic and greed took over the hearts of the sorcerers and resulted in ages of wars and suffering. With the land brought to relative peace after a devastating pivotal struggle, players will take on the role of powerful sorcerers and have the ability to shape the fate of the world and build their islands using peaceful Chimeras for mining and building alongside mighty warriors — the Chosen Ones.

Chimeras is a game rich with a variety of features capable of engrossing players’ attention. Among them are extensive island customization and the farming feature that lies at the heart of Chimeras’ gameplay, with players sending their creatures to farm buildings to extract valuables necessary for brewing potions. The continuous introduction of new events, resources, and building-specific functions will maintain player interest in the farming feature and keep gameplay fresh and engaging. Alchemy seamlessly piggybacks on the farming feature, leveraging the resources the Chimeras yield to be mixed into elixirs used as power-ups and boosts to performance. With its addictive format, Alchemy is ideal for players seeking variety in gameplay.

All Chimeras the player commands can be produced through the intuitive breeding mechanic that takes advantage of the NFT minting and merger functions to combine creatures with different characteristics into new and rarer ones. Each Chimera can be upgraded to improve its core characteristics and performance through feeding, and later sold as an NFT.

The global launch of Chimeras entails the transition to the main net and the upcoming introduction of the NFTs Input/Output and the Cross-Chain solution. Currently the developers are focused on finalizing the Input/Output system and the Cross-Chain Bridge will come soon because the team wants to ensure the stability and security of the game and assets.

The Chimeras Metaverse is blockchain-based, ensuring the complete transparency of all in-game processing thanks to smart contracts that have been audited by Hacken — a leading market player in blockchain security. With its in-game NFT Marketplace, Chimeras further engages players by allowing them to acquire content in the form of NFTs using the BUSD and USDT, or native platform CHIM tokens at a discount. The Proof-of-Gaming concept that the NFT Marketplace explores encourages players unfamiliar with the blockchain to access the game, upending its replay value and community interaction. Direct access to the marketplace makes it a one-stop shop for all Chimeras-related inventory. At the same time, web-facilitated token purchases streamline the acquisition of CHIM without forcing players to redirect to external platforms, retaining player attention and involvement.

The Chimeras Metaverse is the product of RedPill Studio, a full-cycle blockchain-based solutions and graphics design company with extensive experience in game development. The studio drew up the concepts of all in-game mechanisms and implemented them using world-class decentralized and conventional solutions, along with all animation and graphics.

The Global Launch of the Chimeras Metaverse is a crucial milestone in its market traction. Game development is ongoing, as the team is preparing to release new features and improvements in the near future.




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