Chimeras January Game Development Digest Introduction

4 min readFeb 1, 2023


Hey, folks, time really flies and January has already passed. So, it means that we’re back with our monthly development digest to tell you all about what we’ve managed to accomplish. Let’s start with our Game Dev team.

Game Development

First and foremost we have added an event for new players called The Foundation of Power, you can read all about it in our Medium article. Also, to help newcomers we added tooltips that will help you to find your way around the game mechanics.

Foundation Of Power Event

In other important news, now you can log in to the game using your Email or keep playing as a guest.

Sign Up Window

Now when you start the game you are welcomed by our shiny and beautiful intro video.

Intro Video

This month our team took some time to fix various bugs in the game, like duplicating tools and disappearing mines, the incorrect discount when you buy gold for CHIMs and wallet bindings for those users who already registered their wallets. Plus, we increased the difficulty of the labyrinth mini-game, so don’t forget to check it out.

In January we added an in-game store to Chimeras, so now you have the ability to buy CHIMs, gold and creatures directly in the game.

CHIM Packs

Last but not least our team is working hard on the NFT Input/Output feature and the new event Alator’s Glory Tournament, so stay tuned for updates.


Our Blockchain team was very busy this month as well. Our team added the password restore option on the Marketplace and a button to connect your wallet if you haven’t done that already. Plus, we fixed the issue with connecting your wallet in the mobile version.

New Marketplace Sign In Window

We have also added a “Buy CHIMs” button so you can buy new tokens directly from the Marketplace. On the catalog page you can see links to various NFT collections, and when you click the “Buy CHIMs” button on a product page the cost of an asset will be calculated automatically.

“Buy CHIMs” button on a product page

Furthermore, we have optimized the loading of the assets so the Marketplace is working even faster.

Game Art

In January our Art Team made a lot of beautiful new and shiny things, like this artwork for our marketing team:

Chimeras Marketing Art

The game also got updated with new loading screens and icons for CHIMs and gold.

New Gold And CHIM Icons
New Loading Screen

In January our Art Team created concepts and icons for the Match-2 mini-game that is going to be added to Chimeras, stay tuned for updates!

Match-2 Mini-Game Icons And Background

And to finish up this section, take a look at the amazing Portal building concepts.

Portal Concepts


January was a busy month for our Marketing Team as well, filled with grants, contests and events. We had a bunch of contests and activities for our community. We kicked off the month with Chim Takeover Week, filled with daily activities, change our Chimplay event where players can share their gameplay on Twitter for a chance to win a Rare Chim Pizza and weekly Gartic Game on Discord server with various questions players can answer.

Chim Takeover Week
Gartic Game

We took part in the BNB Grant and participated in the stream, pitching our game to investors and players around the world.

Chimeras At The BNB Grant Stream

Chimeras became one of the TOP 14 among 351 crypto projects to take part in the second voting of the BNB Grant and became the grantee. We also hold a special contest to encourage everyone to vote and we want to thank everyone for their support!

Chimeras At The BNB Grant


That’s it for the January Digest. Don’t forget to download the game on iOS or Android right here.

See you next month!




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