Getting Ready for Global Launch. Chimeras Metaverse Welcomes to Open Beta

3 min readNov 15, 2022

Holy Chimera, the Global Launch is getting closer by the day and it’s Open Beta season now! At RedPill we have been working hard to bring you the best version of the game ever and we would like to invite you to join our Chimeras Open Beta. This Beta will give us the chance to test the game on a large group of players and find all the bugs to make sure that everything is ready for the Global Launch.

Not only do you get the chance to see the world of Chimeras before anyone else, but there are prizes to win too. We will reward players that report bugs or give their suggestions on current features and mechanics. Blockchain integration is currently in development to ensure a high level of stability and security, so, unfortunately, all the progress in the Beta will be wiped.

Let’s go over the exciting things that await you in the Beta and after the Global Launch. During the Open Beta Test, you will get a chance to try out most of the major mechanics in the game. In the mines, your Chimeras will look for valuable resources that you can then use to generate unique NFT items or brew powerful potions via Alchemy to aid you in the game. You will get a glimpse of our breeding system which allows you to create new Chimeras with unique features. Don’t forget that you need to take care of your Chimeras, as sometimes they can become sick or cursed, but don’t worry there’s no curse that the trip to the Source of Purification won’t fix. And don’t skip the meals, because a well-fed Chimera is a strong Chimera. In the game, you will have the ability to feed your Chimeras to improve their stats, which makes them work even better.

Also, in Beta, you can try out our marketplace where you can buy rare items, Chimeras, and use them in-game, but be advised that for now, your NFTs don’t generate any revenue, that is done to ensure that in the final release everything will work smoothly!

And don’t forget that after the Global Launch you will get a chance to acquire, sell and customize your islands, all filled with life and Chimeras rushing around, and meet our Chosen Ones — mighty heroes, each with their own story and personality, all competing in the Arena for glory and fame.

So, don’t miss out on our Open Beta and get a chance to immerse yourself in the game. The Global Launch on iOS and Android is just around the corner and we all can’t wait to share this world with you, you can download the Open Beta from our website. Please note, that the Beta version is available only on Android, an iOS version will be available after the Global Launch.

See you all in Chimeras Metaverse!




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