How to connect your wallet to the game

3 min readNov 15, 2022

To connect your crypto wallet to the game you need to have the MetaMask app installed on your device.

You can download Metamask Wallet for Android here.

After installing the app log in or create a new wallet.

If you have trouble with MetaMask, visit their official help page.

  1. Launch Chimeras, open settings in the player’s profile and tap the “Crypto Wallet” button.

2. Then tap the button to open the MetaMask app.

3. After you tap the button, the link is supposed to be opened by MetaMask. It is important to open the link in the MetaMask app and not the default browser.

Choose MetaMask from the list of suggested activities, while opening the link.

If you see a blank browser page like the one below, it means that the link was opened by your default browser.

4. In this case, to correctly connect your wallet you need to disable the default browser.

Let’s take a look at how to change your default action for opening links. Note that in different skins of Android the method for changing default actions may vary.

Open your device settings and tap Apps.

Then find your default browser.

Tap on “Open by Default”.

Then tap on “Clear Defaults”.

5. After going through this process when you tap the “MetaMask” button in the game you should see the window with the list of suggested methods of action.

6. Choose MetaMask, log in and sign the message.

7. After the “Sign this message” window is closed get back into the Chimeras, now in the settings, you should see an icon with a crown and if you tap on the “Crypto Wallet” button you should see the windows with your connected wallet information.

After you connect the wallet, all your in-game assets will be added to the game in 15 minutes.

Alternative Method of Adding Your Wallet

In case the synchronization between the game and MetaMask does not work, it is possible to manually copy the link required to connect your MetaMask wallet in the mobile or the web version of the game.

Good luck, have fun!




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