Chimeras December Game Development Digest

5 min readDec 27, 2022



Hey, folks, the holiday season is coming, but our team managed to achieve quite a lot this month. So, let’s dive in to see what cool new things were added to the Chimeras Metaverse in December.

Game Development

This month we added so many new features to the game, starting with Daily Quests.

Daily Quests

Now when you log in to the game each day you will get some tasks that you can complete in exchange for valuable resources. So, don’t forget to check what quests you have first thing.

To keep you informed our Development team added an internal mail functionality. Now you will receive notifications about rewards and updates inside the game. Convenient!

Internal Mail

We also took our time to improve the UI, so now you have Player Stats in the Profile Menu, Chimeras Browse Windows to see all your available chimeras, and an improved Island Editor menu.

Chimeras Browse Window

Now you can have the ability to store your decor at the warehouse, added the button to close the editor, decor and buildings are stored in different menus and now you can see the information about the buildings.

2D chimeras are now replaced with cool, new and shiny 3D Models, and we also reworked the visual presentation of the island, so don’t forget to place your buildings from the box after you update the game.

New Island Editor

Now you can buy gold for $CHIMs in the Alchemy if you don’t have enough, and we added an additional effect to the First Day blessing. This effect lowers the difficulty of all labyrinths to the 1st level. Our team is worked very hard on fixing the bugs as well to bring you the smoothest and the most stable experience.

Curse Removal Mini-game

Don’t have time to wait for the incubation process to complete? No worries, now you can speed up the process by watching adds.

Speed Up Timers by Watching Adds

And the cherry on top special offers on items are now available in the game. So, don’t forget to stack up on pizzas for your chimeras and order useful tools!

Special Offers

Blockchain and Web

Our blockchain team released a new system of buying $CHIMs directly from our website, you can check it out right here.

The first and the second packs of our Chosen Ones are now available for purchase on our Marketplace. Check them out right here and get ready for the upcoming battle mode.

Game Design

Our Game Design team update the Gitbook and added a new F.A.Q. page. Want to know what buildings or tools are there in the game? Then check it out right here!

Updated Gitbook

Game Art

Our Art team created a plethora of new assets this month, including new textures, buildings and icons. You can see some of them down below and if you want to see them all, don’t forget to download the game!

New Characters, Skills and Curses Artworks
New Source of Purification Background

And to wish you all Happy Holidays our art team has created a special New Year’s banner!

New Years’ Banner


Our marketing team had a very productive month as well. We released a F.A.Q. article on our Medium, don’t forget to check it out.

This month Chimeras entered a lot of great competitions, like Tron Grand Hackaton, BNB Grant and was nominated for European Blockchain Convention Award! We want to thank you for your support and don’t forget to vote for us in BNB Grant and EBC Award, because every vote matters!

Chimeras at EBC Award and BNB Grant

This month we also launched our Discord Private Club for our most active members of the community and launched the Chimeras Takeover Week, a series of events and contests for you, our dear players!

Chimeras Takeover Week

Our Bug Reward program is still going on, so, you can let us know if you encountered any bugs in the open beta and get rewarded, for more details read our post in Telegram.

This month Chimeras Metaverse became the center of attention of TikTok content creators. Watch the videos that they made about the game here or here.


That’s it for the December Digest. Don’t forget to download the game on iOS or Android right here and share your feedback with the team by filling in this form, players who helped us with finding out rare bugs will get rewards from us!

RedPill Studio wants to wish you all Happy Holidays!

See you in 2023!




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