Explore the Islands of Inhabited Lands (A Chimeras F.A.Q.)

6 min readDec 5, 2022


Hey, folks! Chimeras Metaverse is full of various mechanics, tools and buildings. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry, we got you! We have gathered all the important questions about the game’s mechanics in one place, so you can be prepared to rule your island like a pro!

1. What are the types of buildings?

  1. Mining Buildings — buildings on the island that allow the player to get various resources with the help of Chimeras.
  2. Functional Buildings — buildings on the island that provide access to various functionality: crossbreeding, alchemy, etc.

2. What are the types of Mining Buildings and what can be mined in them?

  1. Gold Mine — a mine rich with gold and universal elements.
  2. Tree of Inception — a tree brimming with life and unique elements growing on its branches. Especially useful for the Seekers faction.
  3. Tree of Downfall — a tree of death that drops unique elements. Especially useful for the Damned faction.
  4. Pagoda — a Sacred Building bearing unique elements. Especially useful for the Guardians faction.
  5. Cloud Mountain — a mighty mountain whose depths contain unique elements. Especially useful for the Wildling faction.

3. What are the types of Functional Buildings and what can be done with them?

  1. Wizard Tower — the main building, the level of which determines the maximum level of improving the remaining buildings and the ability to buy more Mining Buildings.
  2. Alchemist Lab — a building where you can create various useful items.
  3. House — a building in which you can cross Chimeras, incubate eggs, improve Chimeras, as well as send Chimeras to retirement.
  4. Source of Purification — a building in which Chimeras can be cleansed of curses.

4. How and where to create items?

Items are created in the Alchemist Lab.

To create items, reagents are required, which can be obtained in Mining Buildings

Most often, an item has a unique recipe for creation.

Once the player has collected all the required reagents, he/she can create an item in the Alchemist Lab, using those reagents and gold.

5. How and where a new Chimera is created?

Chimeras are created in the House.

  • Stage 1 Crossbreeding. The player needs two Chimeras capable of reproducing (for this, the Life Force parameter is responsible), and the Spring Wine.
  • Stage 2Incubation. Upon crossbreeding, the player gets an egg with a Chimera. The egg shall be incubated, for which a free cell in the incubator and a certain amount of gold are required.
  • Stage 3 Hatching. Upon incubation, the player gets a new Chimera. The appearance of the new Chimera and its skills depend on the ancestors. But there is a small probability that it can get a random skill.

Attention! A Chimera will not hatch if the player does not have enough space for it. For more space, the House shall be improved.

6. Why and where are Chimeras sent to retirement?

The retirement of Chimeras takes place in the House.

Sending Chimeras to retirement is the main way to get syrup for wine. The amount of syrup for wine received depends on the level of the Chimera.

7. Why and where are Chimeras improved?

  1. Chimeras are improved in the House.
  2. Improving a Chimera is performed for its greater productivity. With each new level, a Chimera’s performance and capabilities increase.
  3. To increase a Chimera’s level, food is required. For example, Chim Pizza.
  4. Food fills the scale of satiety of a Chimera, which in turn increases the scale of experience. The experience scale will not increase if a Chimera is already full.
  5. The satiety scale decreases over time, therefore, only regular feeding will ensure the fastest improval of a Chimera.
  6. With the experience scale fully filled, a Chimera moves to a new level.

8. What is a Blessing?

Blessing — a temporary status with a positive effect.

A Chimera can receive a Blessing when:

  • Working in a Mining Building.
  • Using its skill, being a Specialist.

Type of Blessings:

  • Inspiration — increases the gold mined
  • Second Wind — can go to work without spending stamina. Gold income increased
  • First Day — increases work speed and reduces stamina cost. For new players only.

9. What is a Curse and how can it be removed?

Curse — a temporary status with a negative effect.

A Chimera can receive a curse when:

  • Working in a Mining Building.
  • Using its skill, being a specialist.

How can a curse be removed? Very simple! A curse passes away by itself over a certain time. But it will be much faster to use a healing potion or go through a mini-game in the Source Of Purification.

Types of curses:

  1. Discoloration — reduces stamina regeneration rate by half
  2. Idleness — reduces Chimera skill level values.

10. When do Mining Buildings open?

At the beginning of the game, the player has access to all Functional Buildings and 1 Mining Building — Gold Mine.

To get a second Mining Building, the player needs to upgrade the Mage Tower to the 3rd level.

11. What skills do Chimeras have?

  1. Specialist Skills — Specialists (or Managers). Chimeras giving general bonuses to mining and inserted into special cells of specialists.
  • Foreman — Gold Mine. Increases gold production.
  • TimberMan — Gold Mine. Reduces the chance of other chimeras receiving a curse.
  • Druid — Tree of Inception & Tree of Downfall. Increases gold production by.
  • Forester — Tree of Inception & Tree of Downfall. Reduces the chance of other chimeras receiving a curse.
  • Caretaker — Pagoda & Cloud Mountain. Increases gold production.
  • Guide — Pagoda & Cloud Mountain. Reduces the chance of other chimeras receiving a curse.
  • Lab Assistant — Alchemist Lab. Give a discount for craft.
  • Alchemist — Alchemist Lab. Gives a chance to get back 1 of the reagents.
  • Matchmaker — House. Gives a chance to save 1 life point when reproducing each of the chimeras
  • Nanny — House. Reduces incubation time.
  • Healer — Source Of Purification. Reduces the complexity of a mini-game. The effect depends on the mini-game.

2. Worker Skills — Worker. Chimeras used to mine resources in Farm Buildings, to be placed on the floor.

  • Miner — Gold mine. Can extract resources in Mines.
  • Gatherer — Tree of Inception & Tree of Downfall. Can extract resources in the Trees.
  • Monk — Can extract resources in holy places.

12. What are the tools and what are they for?

Tool — an item used by Chimeras and increasing the skill.

Each tool is associated with certain skills.

Tools work according to the following principle: A tool increases the value of a Chimera’s skill. For example, if a Chimera with a miner’s skill 5 uses a pickaxe with a bonus of 2, then its skill becomes 7.

List of Tools:

13. What can be done in the game at the moment?

  1. Resource mining.
  2. Item crafting.
  3. Crossbreeding, improving and healing your Chimeras.

So, now you are surely a true wizard, capable of controlling your own empire in the Chimeras Metaverse. If you still have trouble with the game, join our communities where you can get assistants from our team members and other players, and don’t forget to download the game!




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