Chimeras April News Digest

Welcome to the fourth Chimeras News Digest that we hope will shed light on the most important aspects of the game’s development and highlight the achievements reached thus far in the project’s overall traction. The Chimeras Metaverse team has been hard at work throughout April to improve the game’s mechanics, performance, and graphics. Most importantly, the team made a huge effort to launch the game’s Alpha version and give players an actual gameplay experience.

Game Development

Web and blockchain development is the bedrock of Chimeras, so working on the client and server is a major part of the team’s tasks. To ensure a smooth user experience, the development team identified and eliminated most of the difficulties that players had with the game, thus streamlining gameplay and polishing the product to match the highest of expectations from a top-tier software product.

Countless new effects and animations have been added and the islands now look more lively and compelling as believable environments. This aspect is of vital importance to breathe life into the graphics and make the world of Chimeras both vibrant and memorable from a visual standpoint.

The team also introduced some client-server improvements allowing the game to withstand increased loads on its servers as the player audience grows.

To ensure the faster onboarding of players, the team also automated the login procedure. Thanks to this feature, players will not be required to enter their logins and passwords every time they launch the game.

Team added the ability for players to log in for $CHIM tokens. Basically, players will be able to enter the game by having over 300 $CHIMs on their accounts — automated login via wallet balance, in other words.

The project website now displays the upward and downward dynamics of players across leaderboards. So players can see who is making headway in the game up the rankings and who is slacking.

The team also conducted a game-wide bug hunt based on user feedback and numerous fixed minor flaws that “bugged” players during gameplay.

Work is also underway to make it easier to enter the game, buy $CHIMs and join the Alpha directly through the game’s website.

Game Design

A game is represented by the mechanics that make it engaging and thrilling to play. With that factor constantly in mind, the Chimeras team worked hard to improve the design features throughout the entire April.

The game’s updated Gitbook has been released, and the team is delighted to present a LINK for all interested to read.

Alchemy processes, Mining mechanisms, and Profile interface blocks have all been improved. However, the team has not yet introduced these changes, and players will see them in action in a month if all goes smoothly.


Making the game visually attractive and pleasing to the eye is a significant part of the efforts made by the team’s art department.

Over the course of April, the team started animating a new line of Chosen Ones that will soon be introduced into the game. Just look at these cuddly critters in action (The Astarion, The Aluril, The Gromlin)!

Work is also underway on the cinematic, so the team is delighted to lift the veil a bit to show a few teaser frames and tickle players’ expectations. Check them out and admire the unique shots presented below.


The Chimeras marketing campaign is in full swing — the team has recently finished the Gleam with the Liquidifty platform and held an AMA session for the XION community.

All those willing to delve into the details of the updates introduced into the Alpha version of the game can find a fresh dedicated post by following the given LINK.

The team also released a special article with extensive answers to questions posed by the community about the game earlier during the month. Follow the LINK to read.

To make sure more players have a chance to access the game, the team recently announced the simplification of the conditions for entering the Alpha. Check the given LINK to find a detailed post about the new conditions, and do not doubt that you already qualify to join.

Chimeras is more than just gameplay but a whole universe of rich lore and countless untold legends waiting to be explored and discovered. In our ongoing efforts to share the Lore of Chimeras, the team is launching a series of narrative posts about the many characters inhabiting the Metaverse. In the first posts, we told the story of Richie the Mascot, the background of the CHIM tokens, and why many are strewn across the world.

Ramping up the excitement of the game launch is an announcement of a large-scale competition on The Chimeras Alpha Contest on Gleam has started on April 26th and lasts till May 4th. The results will be announced on Chimeras Metaverse’s official channels on social media. The prizes that participants can hope to win include 9 new NFT packs and 50 consolation prizes to be distributed among 50 runners up.

We welcome everyone to join the contest and vie for a chance of winning any of the cool prizes that are sure to boost in-game performance and add immense value and progress to any player.

On a final note, the team has also improved processes related to player technical support. All incoming requests are now handled much faster, and players can expect to have their queries answered promptly and clearly.


The Chimeras team is working hard on improving the game and matching the highest of players’ expectations from a tier 1 project. Read our articles and posts, enjoy the gameplay, and do not hesitate to share your feedback so the team can keep on improving the game. Stay tuned for more news and updates from the Chimeras Metaverse.



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