Chimeras Team Provides Answers to Questions Posed at Ask Me Anything

4 min readApr 11, 2022


The Chimeras Metaverse team is delighted to provide its answers to the questions that the community asked in the latest Ask Me Anything post. Read through our replies and see if they answer any questions you may have had about the game and its assets.

The Chimeras Metaverse team conducted an AMA and received a number of interesting questions from the community. Considering the relevance of these and many other questions to the overall experience of players, we decided to provide exhaustive answers and our points of view regarding game development and future traction.

Read through our answers to the most important and frequently asked questions we found on the Ask Me Anything form and see if they relate to anything you may have wanted to clarify.

Can the NFT blind box purchased in the early stage be used for subsequent games?

Players will be able to use some of the content of the loot boxes in the Alpha version, including the peaceful Chimeras obtained during the first sale round, as well as the Chimeras and tools from the second sale round. The assets and tools from the sale will be made available in the game. Players can use some of those items straight off in-game, while some others will become accessible only after the release of new features and patches.

If I have X amount of Chimeras NFTs, can I receive income from staking?

The Chimeras project is going to launch the staking option for its in-game NFTs soon, allowing users to receive additional income and other benefits from the assets they hold.

The essence of the staking option boils down to offering users several pools where they can stake their NFTs. The minimum quantity for staking is 1 NFT. The reward for the staking program is a % of the amount in BUSD.

The staking pool is limited, and you will need to follow a few simple steps to participate in the program. First, you will need to own at least one Chimera or a Chosen One. Second, wait for the staking program announcement for further steps.

Anyone willing to participate in the NFT staking program, so as in the previously announced CHIM staking program, can access the Alpha Version of the game.

Stay tuned for more updates to learn about the exact staking conditions since we will announce them soon!

How can I access the game? Why are the NFTs not sold with $CHIM and not BNB on the in-game marketplace?

To access the game, you need to buy 1 NFT or buy and stake at least 300 CHIM tokens. Also, Chimeras team is working on the simplified Alpha access which will be announced soon. We have detailed instructions prepared that you review and learn about the login and game startup process step by step. Just follow the given LINK to watch the instruction video.

As for the marketplace, it is currently under development. The marketplace will allow users to buy and sell unique NFTs. Everyone is certain to find something to their liking among the different packs on offer. The team welcomes everyone to go straight to the marketplace and appreciate its vast selection, affordable prices, and straightforward interface when it is ready.

How will you balance the economy so that it becomes sustainable?

A whole team of game designers adept at calculations and excel gurus is involved in developing and tuning the project’s economics. They are constantly calculating various scenarios for the outcome of the project and are thus balancing the in-game economy. We will announce all the latest introductions and changes to the game on our pages on social networks. Stay tuned to learn more and remain up to date with our latest developments.

The Alpha version also serves the important purpose of giving the development team the ability to compile user feedback and activity dynamics to best adjust the in-game economy and tune security settings.

What is the marketing strategy you are going to use? What is the long-term evolutionary plan for the game?

The team is revising a project roadmap based on changing market conditions. It will be available on Chimeras’ official website soon and contain detailed long-term information about the approaches the team takes to promote the game.

Plans are to develop the game based on a service model by increasing the functionality of the game gradually over the next few years. This approach will ensure the development of the game, attracting new users in the long term and retaining experienced players.

As for the project’s short-term plans, the first major milestone up ahead is listing on prominent CEXs. Next up will be another wave of INO-sales. The developers are also improving the game and preparing it for the public launch, which will take place in a couple of months. More importantly, players will soon have the opportunity to start earning money on NFT staking and will access the native marketplace to expand these options.

Have you considered modifying the game model to learn from other successful cases?

We are constantly improving and refining the game model to maintain the bar and compete with leading cases on the market. The fully tuned first version of the game will be available at the public launch. The team is also studying benchmarks on the market on an ongoing basis to make sure that our game remains a tier-1 level project.

Key Takeaways

The Chimeras Metaverse team is always keeping tabs on the market of decentralized games and is adjusting the project to maintain its competitiveness. In-game balance, economy, and function tuning is an ongoing process that the team is also undertaking in the interests of all players. Stay tuned to our media and social channels to remain up to date with the latest news. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact our support service and we will reply promptly.




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