What kind of creatures are there in Chimeras Metaverse?

3 min readNov 21, 2022


The world of Chimeras known as the Inhabited Lands is populated by many different magical creatures, each with their own stories, culture and distinctive features. Today we want you to get to know some of those creatures a little bit better!


All of the creatures in the world were created by an almighty Alathor, and of all of that creatures, Chimeras were the first sentient ones. Alathor took a bit of clay in his hands and out of this clay he made chimeras — smart and resilient creatures. At once, chimeras started exploring the world, building houses and looking for valuable resources.

As time went on Chimeras started forming many different tribes and develop independently from one another, which lead to many different varieties of chimeras in their appearances, skills and cultural traditions. Some live in forests, others — at the tops of snowy mountains. Mostly chimeras are a very peaceful lot, that values harmony more than anything else, but some of them gain more human characteristics which drive them to leave their homes in search of adventure. Something that an ordinary chimera woul

The Chosen Ones

The Chosen Ones are not exactly a single race, but a group of exceptional creatures from every corner of the world. Humans, chimeras, elves, demons and many other unique characters with unique stories. For centuries they have been battling with each other as members of different alliances for control over resources and lands, but when conflicts nearly broke down the whole world Wizards that control the Inhabited Lands created Arenas so that conflicts can be resolved in a manner that does not put everyone at risk. Since then The Chosen Ones became the gladiators that fight in Arenas, earning glory for themselves and their alliances.


One of the last races created by Alathor, they received consciousness but were more emotional than elves. In the world of Chimeras, humans are one of the most technically advanced races, they build cities and castles, learn how to trade, craft tools and fight in wars. Although human society is not homogeneous, different areas of the Inhabited Lands are controlled by different lords.


One of the eldest races, created after chimeras. They strived to leave peacefully and in balance with nature. Unlike humans, elves can for a long time and among them, there are some who still remember the world before the Divide, although most of them died in many wars between various alliances over the years.


According to the legends Dwarfs were supposed to be much taller, but unfortunately, Alathor accidentally sat on them. Dwarfs themselves however are not ashamed of this legend and proudly tell about it to anyone who will listen. Dwarven society is divided into different Houses — clans each controlled by its own jarl. Traditionally dwarves are very good at fighting and craftsmanship, although there are many famous scientists, mages and inventors among them.


There are not that many Jinns left in the world, some believe that all of them died in the War of Divided, while others think that jinns just went into hiding, so you need to be very lucky to meet one in person, and to see two jinns meet is almost impossible. They are very capricious creatures that look down upon other races. However, despite that, they still have to communicate with them because of one peculiarity — by nature, jinns must grant the wishes of others or they will slowly start to weaken until they lose their powers completely and vanish.

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