Summing up: September 2021

Hey, everyone! Today we decided to take stock of the past month. It turned out to be the most fruitful and successful for the project. On behalf of the entire Chimeras team, let me sincerely thank everyone who joined our Metaverse!

And now, let’s try to briefly highlight what we managed to implement in September. So, first of all, we conducted an Airdrop. We know that not everyone managed to win prizes, but 2,000 lucky people will be rewarded in a few days after the IDO on October 26 on the Poolz and Ignition platforms.

Simultaneously with Airdrop, a presale was held with the support of the Bullperks platform. The result — all tickets were sold out in a few hours.

Then we concluded a series of successful partnership agreements, let me remind you of some of the names of our dear partners: Master Ventures, AU21 Capital, Otis capital, Shima Capital, Part One Capital. During September, negotiations were underway with several other major players, partnership agreements with which we will publish in the coming days. Moreover, Kenzi Wang, Kyle Chasse, Yida Gao, and others joined our project as advisors.

We know that a considerable part of our community came from the wonderful country of Vietnam. Now, thanks to the assistance of our partners from Otis Capital, we have an official Vietnamese chat on Telegram. Likewise, another chat with the support of our partners will be announced soon, but more on that later.

Finally, the cherry on the cake that everyone was waiting for: we have reached an agreement to hold IDO in October on two unrealistically cool platforms Poolz and Ignition Launchpad!

So, those who are familiar with the roadmap of the project know that this is only the beginning of a long journey. There is a lot of work to be done ahead, which cannot be implemented without your support.

With the deepest respect and best wishes, Chimeras Team.




Chimeras, a thrilling mobile free-to-play and play-to-earn game with the integrated DeFi farming and NFTs.🎮🔥

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Chimeras, a thrilling mobile free-to-play and play-to-earn game with the integrated DeFi farming and NFTs.🎮🔥

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