How to Play Chimeras

Mobile games are becoming the premier and most rapidly growing form of entertainment worldwide with its numerous activities and the battlers genre on social media networks taking the lead.

Statista reports that the revenue in the mobile games segment is projected to reach $109,658 million in 2021, showing an annual growth rate for CAGR of 2021–2025 at 10.02%, resulting in a projected market volume of $160,646 million by 2025. User penetration will attain 23.9% in 2021 and assumingly hits 28.5% by 2025. Such dynamics are being made possible by the rising accessibility of mobile platforms and the recent restrictions on movement due to the pandemic’s spread that has restricted people to entertainment on handheld devices.

The flourishing of entertaining and battler games in the mobile sector rests on a number of reasons, which include the convenience of engaging in casual games from mobile devices being highly-accessible with good internet connection speeds and network coverage. The advent of casual games has significantly enhanced the product offering of online gaming platforms.

The Leading Genre

The Battle genre games have been dominating the top charts of social and massively multiplayer online games for over two decades after the release of such iconic games as Dota, World of Warcraft, Baldur’s Gate, and others. Since then, the battle games have migrated online and become extremely popular as both idlers and engaging forms of entertainment with some of the more renowned being Raid Shadow Legends, Summoners Wars, Marvel Strikeforce, and many others.

Chimeras — Combination of Mini-games and Battlers on Blockchain

The development of decentralized gaming and the creation of such valuable blockchain-based assets as Non-Fungible Tokens has ushered in a new era of creativity and unlimited experimentation with various gaming genres. The most recent and exciting result of such a merger of classics and innovation is Chimeras — a blockchain-based game combining mini-games, a daunting Battle arena, and NFTs for making sure that players get all the benefits of owning unique items and creatures.

Chimeras gives players the chance to loot NFT items by playing various mini-games. The items are then used in battles, for creating unique creatures, developing virtual landscapes, and trading with other players. All of the actions players perform in-game center around the ownership and operation of dedicated, native cryptocurrency — the Chimeras (CHIM).

The Gameplay

The gameplay of Chimeras starts with users playing mini-games. The results of such activities grant users a reward in the form of an NFT. The NFT distribution is based on a program that is fully immutable and independent of all other modules in the Chimeras game.

The core gameplay also involves battles between players, who send their creatures to engage in a random fight. The players are divided into two teams and the battle continues until the health of all creatures of the opponent team reaches 0. The winning player receives CHIM and experience for their creatures.

The players in Chimeras can classify into the following categories:

Farmers are the major suppliers of NFT items to the in-game market;

Killers as fans battler games and suppliers of CHIM to the in-game market;

Alchemists as fans of random drop spinner and suppliers of new creatures to the in-game market;

Traders looking for good deals and keeping the in-game market active;

Landowners who develop and customize their land plots, while controlling most of the CHIM in the game;

Socials who seek communication with the community and participation in clan activities.

Each type of gameplay activity rewards the player with a specific type of reward, which includes:

● Farming generates NFT-items that players can use in other activities;

● CHIM for winning battles;

● New creatures as NFTs;

● Land plots — players can get bonuses in CHIMs for owning and maintaining the lands.


All battles in Chimeras take place asynchronously, meaning that the Defender player is always offline and their creatures are controlled by the AI.

The game starts when the Online Attacker spends a small amount of CHIM to participate in the battle, and the battle ends when one of the following conditions is met — the health of all the creatures on one of the teams reaches 0, or the time allocated for the battle expires. The average duration of every fight is 50 seconds.

The battlefield in Chimeras is a rectangular grid with 4x3 sides divided into 2 halves — allied and enemy sides with 6 cells for each side. Players can place their creatures on any cells of the allied half of the field, one creature per cell.

To engage in an Attack cycle, the player taps the Find Opponent button and the matchmaking system picks an enemy as a Defender team. Then the Attacker forms their team of creatures and clicks the Battle button. The creatures engage in battle and the results are shown at the end of the session.

The battle starts after the Attacker has completed their formation. The creatures then perform all of their actions automatically, including basic and special attacks. The order of the creatures’ actions is determined by the creature parameter Initiative. All creatures on the field form a queue according to this parameter at the beginning of the battle, and act in this order until the end of the battle. When two or more creatures have the same Initiative value, the Defender has the priority in the queue.

All players receive the results of their battle instantly on-screen and via email, which they used to register in the game. The rewards are handed out according to the results of the battle and a rating system comes into play, ranking players according to their achievements and stats. Depending on the current place in the rating, the player receives a bonus that reduces the price of consumables for maintaining land plots, or other rewards.

Chimeras is a classical battler incorporating innovative elements of NFT monetization and mini-games that add a level of unpredictability and excitement to the augmentation of all in-game player actions.



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