Foundation of Power: Complete Quests, Win Valuable Prizes

Hey, folks, today we will tell you about the special event for new players, that you may encounter in the game called The Foundation of Power.

You unlock this event in the early stages of the game, after completing the initial tutorial you will get access to the series of quests you need to complete in 7 days in exchange for the rewards. The quests can be completed in any order and you can check your progress in the quest window. After successfully completing your tasks you will also receive Event Badges that you need to collect in order to unlock chests and get rewards.

All of the quests are connected with the core mechanics and buildings, here are a few examples of the quests you may encounter in the game:

That’s not all, but to see all of the quests you will need to unlock them yourselves, so see you in the game! That’s it for today, but we will be back with more Chimeras goodness, so don’t forget to join our communities where you can get assistants from our team members and other players, and don’t forget to download the game!



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