Farmer Yields — The Breakdown

3 min readMar 10, 2022


Farming is a highly technological means of earning income in a decentralized space. GameFi projects like Chimeras offer their users the chance to take cryptocurrency and NFT mining to a completely new level, elevating it from a tedious process of hash rate monitoring to a gamified approach that is both fun and engaging.

Chimeras team offers its players the chance to earn yields through farming in-game. However, users looking for some fast and easy money should think twice before engaging in the gameplay process. Farming in Chimeras requires commitment and dedication, as well as sound strategic thinking to ensure high yields.

Current calculations on yields in Chimeras are made on the basis of long-term project development strategies. It is necessary to understand that generalization and equalization of yields without the inclusion of the individual effort factor on the part of players would be detrimental to the internal economics of the project.

However, those who decide to commit to Chimeras, in the long run, will realize that the in-game farming process gives them an excellent opportunity to earn stable passive income well into the future.

The present Farmer Yield Graph (see below) may repel an inexperienced player, as it makes it clear just how much time and investment it takes to get to the top levels that result in high-income levels. But, as they say, no guts — no glory, nothing ventured — nothing gained.

Farmer Yield Graph

Here is a general breakdown of the farming mechanism in Chimeras:

  • The game allows players to access a total of 20 mine levels.
  • The player’s income grows with each level on a daily scale, progressing to monthly, etc.
  • Players are required to make investments to progress through the level tree. Such investments consist of the expenses needed for maintaining islands and purchasing Chimeras and tools.
  • Each level has its own payback period that is reflected in the graph monthly to allow users to understand the logic of the economy and evaluate their own financial projections.
  • The number of investments needed and their payback period grow together with the player’s income to ensure fair gameplay for all.
  • The timing of farming is divided into 10 minutes of digging and rest intervals for each Chimera with 4 full dig cycles depleting its stamina.

Other ways of earning

Farming is just one of the ways of making a profit in Chimeras. There are several other means that players can resort to in their strive to generate a passive income (battles, alchemy, breeding, and landholdings).

NFT Sales and Alpha Version Launch

Chimeras project is also preparing to launch a series of NFT sales on INO platforms and its native marketplace, where players will be able to buy packs at attractive discounts. The sale is an excellent opportunity for lowering entry thresholds and allowing more players to start their journey through the Chimeras universe.

The Alpha version of the game will be accessible starting from March 28th to all players who have already purchased NFTs or staked 300 CHIM tokens.




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