Chimeras September Game Development Digest

4 min readOct 3, 2022


A mighty welcome to all Chimeras Metaverse community members in this September Game Development Digest. We are literally running loops inside the studio, frantically working to make your gameplay experience as smooth and exciting as possible. With the Global Launch coming up only too soon, we are making considerable progress and would like to pull the curtain on some of the achievements we have reached. Let’s get started.

Game Development

September welcomed the arrival of our Curses and Blessings feature. Players encounter spells with positive or negative buffs cast spontaneously during gameplay randomly onto Chimeras, such as Blessings, which boost their performance. Curses, on the other hand, rob Chimeras of their vitality, sending them into the pits of gloom and sloth.

The Chimeras Development feature is at the last stage of finality. We are currently in the process of fine-tuning the Incubation and Retirement of Chimeras, letting players create new critters and send off old ones for some well-deserved rest. But that’s not all, since we have also just started work on the Crossbreeding feature, which lets players produce hybrids by crossing their Chimeras. Think of the variety!

Chimeras Crossbreeding Feature

The Daily Quests feature is now in the works, and we promise to have all of our players up to their ears and busy chasing quest goals. Excitement is guaranteed for more profound immersion in the magical essence of the world of Chimeras.

And lastly, in the development department, we have added the building upgrade feature. All players need to do now is click on the Level Up button to have a window pop up that will let them choose how they wish to upgrade their buildings right in the main window.

Game Art

The art department has been busy conjuring its creative magic and turning it into vibrant visuals all of September. And here is a peek at the images they managed to draw up. Enjoy these renders and concept art.

New Props Icons
New Chosen Ones
New Site Background
New In-game Background


We at Chimeras take marketing very seriously and aim to achieve maximum impact with our efforts.

Community Activities Example

In September, we sent all the prizes to the lucky winners of the Open Alpha. Our congratulations to the winners! We hope they will have the chance of claiming even more valuable prizes in the many upcoming competitions.

We have also conducted an Airdrop among those who subscribed to the newsletter — a well earned reward that we believe is due for following our updates.

More importantly, we entered into a partnership with Gamerse — a listing service for all kinds of blockchain-based games. Chimeras will soon be listed on their platform, where new players will be able to onboard in just a couple of clicks. Negotiations are also underway with Gamerse regarding various activities, including giveaways and a joint AMA. Be sure to follow our newsletter and updates so as not to miss the right date.

Partnership with Gamerse

We at the studio know how to rev the excitement meter. Ideas are coming in for our own TikTok account, and we plan to launch one very shortly. Expect to see lots of moments straight from Chimeras in bite-sized video snippet chunks.

TikTok Coming Soon

Something a bit more worthy of anticipation for the community is also in the works, as we are planning to launch the CHIM Private Club in early October. The exciting thing is that the number of participants is limited to just 150 people who will become members of CHIMs Private Club. The lucky members will have access to contests with extra prizes, exclusive NFT draws, private chat with the developers, and many other bonuses.

We have also launched Chimeras Takeover Week — a special activity that includes daily contests with rewards for three winners. All Chimeras Takeover Week activities took place on our Discord channel, but announcements are made across all channels to make sure you never miss a thing.


Activity and excitement are galore in the Chimeras house as the game development team is gearing up for Global Launch. Everything has to be ready and perfect for that moment and we are working tirelessly to make sure Chimeras maintains the bar as a top-tier game aiming to anticipate and excel player expectations.




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