Chimeras Open Alpha F.A.Q. Decrypted

4 min readJul 13, 2022


Chimeras project has released the long-awaited Open Alpha that gives players access to a broader range of functions and features needed to enjoy the gameplay experience on a new level. In this material, we will explore the main aspects of the Open Alpha and answer the most commonly asked questions about functionality and release.

Question 1 — Will players be able to buy new Chimeras and tools to use them in the Open Alpha?

The native Chimeras Marketplace will give users the ability to buy unique NFTs, including peaceful Chimeras, packs with Chimeras, and tools. The Chimeras give players an in-game performance boost. Players willing to have an extra edge can equip their Chimeras with tools and gain significant boosts. There is also a limited-time offer in the form of a 10% discount on items purchased for CHIM tokens.

Question 2 — Will players be able to work on the 3rd and 4th floors of the mines, or will upgraded Chimeras be required for that?

Four floors of mines are available in the Open Alpha, and each floor has a mining difficulty level. The Chimera and the tool it uses must be of equal or higher level for it to mine on a set level.

1st floor — difficulty 1;

2nd floor — difficulty 4;

3rd floor — difficulty 7;

4th floor — difficulty 10;

Question 3 — How many free Chimeras are given in the game?

There are 9 Chimeras in the starter pack:

2 Chimeras (level 2);

4 Chimeras (level 5);

2 Chimeras (level 6);

1 Chimera (level 8).

However, 1 Level 5 Chimera works in Alchemy, and another 1 Level 5 Chimera works as a Mine Keeper. Therefore, only 7 Chimeras work as miners.

Question 4 — How many tools are included in the free tool set?

The free tool set includes:

3 pickaxes (level 2);

1 pickaxe (level 5);

1 hard hat (level 2);

1 mortar and pestle (Level 5).

Additional tools will strengthen the standard set of tools and increase players’ chances of winning.

Question 5 — How can players earn in the Open Alpha?

Though the Chimeras Metaverse is a Free-to-Play game, players will be able to access direct earnings only after the Global Launch of the game. The Open Alpha lets players compete with others and earn prizes. The list of prizes available is displayed on the Chimeras website.

Also, the Chimeras project is developing the staking option for its in-game NFTs, allowing users to receive additional income and other benefits from assets they hold.

Question 6 — Is it possible to upgrade the level of the miner Chimeras?

Miner Chimeras cannot be upgraded in the Open Alpha. The upgrade feature is still under development and will be released with the Open Alpha version. Players willing to have an extra edge can equip their Chimeras with tools by buying them on the Chimeras native marketplace and gain significant boosts.

Question 7 — Is it necessary to pass a KYC procedure for making withdrawals?

The KYC procedure is not required for the Open Alpha, since all rewards are transferred directly to players’ wallets.

Question 8 — Is it possible to play the game for free, and where is it available for download?

The Chimeras Open Alpha is a Free-to-Play game that can be downloaded on Google Play for Android devices.

Question 9 — How can players get a free bonus Chimera?

The Chimeras team has decided to reward all holders of CHIM tokens for their support of the native game currency.

All 300+ CHIM token holders will receive one Level 5 and one Level 2 Chimera, instead of just one Chimera, as bonuses from the team.

The unique creatures will allow its holders to achieve better results throughout in-game progress and give them more chances to claim higher spots on the Leaderboards. Players willing to have an extra edge can equip their Chimeras with tools and gain significant boosts.

Question 10 — How can players get a bonus for having 300 CHIM tokens?

Having 300 CHIM tokens on a wallet connected to the gaming account is sufficient to get bonus Chimeras since the game transfers rewards automatically.

Question 11 — Which platforms support the Open Alpha?

The Chimeras Open Alpha version for Android is the only one currently available. Downloads for iOS devices will be made available after the game’s Global Launch.

Question 12 — Is the Chimeras Open Alpha available for play on PC?

Chimeras game is best experienced on Android devices. However, playing on PC is possible with the MeMU or Nox emulators.

Question 13 — How long will the Open Alpha last?

The Chimeras Open Alpha will last for 2 months. A countdown timer is displayed on the Chimeras website.

Question 14 — When will the prizes be distributed?

All prizes will be distributed after the end of the Open Alpha.

Question 15 — Where can players report game bugs, and will they receive a reward for their contribution?

Please report all identified bugs via our official Telegram channel @CHIM_Support. Rewards for the Open Alpha are available only for Leaderboard members. The list of available rewards can be found on the Chimeras website.

Question 16 — Will there be another Open Alpha after this one ends?

No. Once the Open Alpha ends, the next stage will be the release of the Global Launch version of the game.

Question 17 — Will rewards for the Open Alpha be transferred in CHIM or BUSD?

BUSD will be used for reward payouts unless significant external factors impact this decision.

The Chimeras Metaverse team would like to welcome everyone to join the Open Alpha and wish the best of luck to all players in their strive up the Leaderboards. Please feel free to submit any feedback about the game and let us improve it for enhancing the overall gameplay experience. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Chimeras.




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