Chimeras October Game Development Digest

5 min readNov 1, 2022


A mighty welcome to all Chimeras Metaverse community members! We proudly present you our October Game Development Digest. The Global Launch is getting closer and closer and we’ve done a lot of work this month to bring you the best possible version of the game. Let’s take a look at what we’ve achieved!

Game Development

Let’s start with Game Development. In October we worked very hard to bring you some great news! Chimeras Metaverse will soon enter the Open Beta. While some of the features are still in development you can already try out the game. This Beta will give us the chance to test the game mechanics on a large group of players and find all the bugs, to ensure a stable final release.

You will be able to download the beta version for Android from the game’s website. The iOS version is currently in development and will be available on Global Launch.

This month we’ve also added a whole bunch of new features to the game. Starting with the Сrossbreeding. Now it is possible to create new chimeras from your existing ones. Basically, it works like this, you cross two chimeras and get the third one with unique features. This will allow you to have a whole group of chimeras with unique traits and abilities.

Another feature that can help you in the game is called Feeding. Now, you can feed different food to your chimeras to boost their experience gains.

We’ve also improved our Alchemy and Inventory systems with new icons and the reworked UI.

Chimeras can withstand even the harshest conditions, but sometimes even they can get sick or encounter a vicious curse. When it happens, rush to the Source of Purification to cure them. This month we added a new mini-game — Labyrinth that you need to pass in order to remove the curse.

But that’s not all, this month we’ve added a lot of minor updates and improvements, now every chimera has a unique name thanks to our new name generator. Plus the buildings in the game now have unique animations and visual effects and the islands now look more alive with more foliage!

Blockchain and Web

This month our Blockchain team made a lot of progress. We are actively working on a service that will allow you to transfer tokens and easily top-up your in-game account. A lot of progress has been made in categorizing different tokens and improving navigation on the website, this update will be available in the future release of our platform.

We are very proud of our multimedia content generation system that is used for creating various chimeras with unique traits, and we continue to test it. The generator can create images and videos on the fly which will allow users to have millions and millions of distinct chimeras and other assets on their accounts on our (or our partners’) platform.

Also, we’ve been very busy reworking the design of our website, which you can see pretty soon, and reshaping token management tools. All in all, our blockchain team is unstoppable in their attempt to bring the stable and exciting Global Launch.

Game Design

Our game designers continue to improve the overall game experience, in October we retooled in-game balance, fine-tuned the tutorial, and reworked the game’s UI elements for a better user experience.

Game Art

Our Art Team created new marketing visuals of our Chosen Ones and new and shiny watermarks for the UI.

The curing mechanic that we’ve talked about above also received a new and updated icon. Overall, our art team was extremely productive in October, creating different tiers of buildings, reagents that you can use in the alchemical laboratory, foliage, and Chosen Ones animations which you can see below.

New Buildings Animations and VFX
New Buildings Animations and VFX
New Buildings Animations and VFX
New Character Animations: Sarathor
New Character Animations: Kenalia
New Character Animations: Zankazu


Our marketing department did not just sit around as well. In October we launched the photo contest and once again we want to congratulate our winner (see the results in our Telegram channel)!

And don’t forget, that Chimeras are now taking part in TRON Grand Hackathon, so vote for our project. Your support means the world to us!


October was a very productive month for RedPill Studio, we worked really hard to bring all the exciting features to life. We continue to tune the experience to perfection and actively prepare for Global Launch. If you want to help us, then don’t forget to download Open Beta and let us know what you think!

We are so excited about what comes next and cannot wait to bring you the best game possible. Don’t forget to follow us on Medium and other Social Media, try out the Open Beta, and see you in November!




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