Chimeras News Digest #3

March was rich with news and updates for the Chimeras project, marking a good deal of significant milestones in the game’s development process. We have compiled some of the most interesting and notable of our achievements in this month’s digest for our community to enjoy and appreciate.

Web and Blockchain Development

One of the first achievements is the launch of the Alpha version of the game on March 30th. The game can be downloaded from the project’s official website via the following LINK.

Everyone interested in being acquainted with the conditions for joining the game can read our dedicated article at the following LINK.

Apart from being busy with the Alpha, the developers have also introduced a number of minor bugs in the marketplace filters.

The team is working on preparing all the materials and packs that will be released at INO sales for players to acquire.

Game Design

The game design team is also working hard on making the sources and foundations of the game available to those interested. The updated Gitbook for the game has been translated and will be published next week. The materials in this version of Gitbook contain detailed explanations of game mechanics and descriptions of in-game items that can give players significant hints and allow them to delve deeper into the game’s lore.


Art is one of the most significant aspects of Chimeras, so the art department is hard at work creating vibrant graphics and catchy designs. Over the month, the team has worked on developing battle scenes in 3D.

Battle scene

Another major step is to develop animations for the Chosen Ones such as Strong Striker and Taurus to ensure a high degree of detailing and realism. All the design visuals can be found below.

Strong Striker

The Mage Tower 2D design has also been finalized. Its implementation in 3D will be coming up soon.

Mage Tower

Marketing Efforts

As part of the marketing efforts for promoting the game, the marketing team has launched an advertising campaign for the Alpha version on more than 50 media channels and involved more than 40 influencers. Among the media channels are such top-tier sites as Cointelegraph,, AMBCrypto, Bitcoinist, NewsBTC, etc.

An exciting teaser video of the game Alpha has also been published, giving players insights into the gameplay screenshots and video bits. Enjoy the video and get inspired to play out a top-tier game by following the LINK.

A highly detailed instruction for the Alpha has been published, giving players explanations regarding all the steps they need to follow to download the Chimeras game, log in, launch it, and get started. Watch the instruction video via the LINK.

A series of posts on the extensive lore of the game is also coming soon. The posts will engross their readers with the fascinating details of the magical world of Chimeras. Get ready to read the lore posts and dive into the mesmerizing lore of Chimeras.

The INO sale preparation continues with the dates of the first 3 venues already set. The INO sale will take place at the Liquidifty, Xion platforms on April 4th, 12th respectively, and at Pacific in May. The team will announce the dates for the remaining partners as they are confirmed. Meanwhile, our readers can learn more about the packs and the details of the sale from this ARTICLE.

New packs

AMA sessions will be held ahead of the INO sales. The first has taken place on April 1st at 11 UTC before the sale on Liquidifty. The second will be held on April 4th before the sale on Xion, at 14 UTC. We will soon announce the remaining AMA sessions.

We also held an AMA for our community, but in a slightly different format. Earlier, we published a POST in which our subscribers could ask any questions. So now we have the answers to all of your most exciting questions laid out in a dedicated article that will be published next week.

The team is also working on a new Marketing Kit. All the information about the company, the brand assets, and other materials for partners, media, and bloggers will soon be structured and presented for viewing.


With so much work still up ahead, the Chimeras development team is hard-pressed and frantically working to ensure that everything is perfect. Stay tuned for more news and updates.



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