Chimeras News Digest #2

Game Development

The development of the Chimeras universe with its main gameplay elements and mechanics continued in routine mode. The foundation of the game has already been laid out and the current processes taking place in the team involve overall tuning and polishing of existing mechanics to provide a smooth user experience.

Web And Blockchain Development

The web and blockchain development frontiers are currently in focus, as the game is nearing launch and the underlying structural and digital framework elements have to be perfected to ensure a quality web experience for players.


Art is half the game, so working in the given direction is vital to ensure both vibrant and appealing visuals, as well as immersion for players. Over the last two weeks, the artists on the team have released the following updates:

Approved character concepts in color
Playblasts for 3D characters

Marketing Activities

A game’s success is all about the effectiveness and reach of its marketing activities. That is why the team at Chimeras is hard at work putting its skills to good use and making sure that the word is out about Chimeras across a broad range of channels. The following actions were taken over the last two weeks on the marketing activities frontier.


While the topsy-turvy crypto market goes on about its business, the Chimeras project is evolving and developing to match the expectations of its players and community members. Keep tabs on our progress and stay tuned to our official social media channels to get the latest news and updates about Chimeras game development.



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