Chimeras News Digest #01

The Chimeras project is currently under development, and the community is not always entirely aware of the traction being made. A lack of regular reports and posts may seem like a lull in development, or a complete lack thereof. However, considering that Chimeras is developing on schedule, we are launching a News Digest that will be released every two weeks, and contain an overview of the main achievements the project has reached.

The following is the digest of the last two weeks — a fruitful period that has seen progress across all major vectors of project development.

Game Development

On the game development frontier — the heart of the project — the Chimeras team has managed to achieve game balance for the alpha version, which is currently undergoing preliminary testing. The team has also successfully created the mechanics of a dynamic GameConfig stored on the server. This allows the team to quickly change the balance of the game, avoiding lengthy processes of making a separate build and uploading it to the PlayStore. Thus, players gain access to the updated version of the game immediately upon login. The use of an intelligent server allows faster load times and an economy of 20 to 60% of network traffic, which is especially important for users playing via networks of mobile operators.

Web and Blockchain Development

On the web development side, the team has released a minor version of the marketplace that contains small fixes related to the mobile version. Extensive work has been done to improve scaling and load tolerance, as the system has made the transition to Google Cloud services for better optimization.

On the blockchain side of the game, a service was deployed to register and connect users to the alpha version for subsequent integration with other products. A service for synchronizing user assets with game accounts has also been prepared for further integration.


The art is the core facet of the game that is currently under active development of buildings for farming resources.

10 Levels Assets (for Global Launch)

Among the assets fully fleshed out in February are Mines, Lakes, Gardens each with 10 upgrade levels.

Sketches (for Global Launch)

Sketches of the new Chosen Ones have been prepared, including 1 The Astarion; 2 The Aluril; 4 The Stan. Some 3D character animation video drafts were also prepared for a set of Chosen Ones.

Desert and Winter Islands (for Global Launch)

Additional free islands have been created, including ones with Desert and Winter landscapes.

Gitbook Illustrations (for Global Launch)

Illustrations for the Gitbook have been made and can be found in the above pictures.

The above assets aren’t supposed to be added to the Alpha, but are prepared for the Global Launch.

Marketing Activities

The marketing of the game is underway and team has launched an official page on LinkedIn. Anyone willing to contribute to the development of Chimeras can now apply directly by submitting an application through direct messaging on the page.

The official Discord server has also been updated and redesigned. Navigation on the channel has been improved along with auto-moderation via various bots. A role system has been added, and some cosmetic updates introduced to make the design more appealing.

Alpha version demo video has been created. The video will contain detailed instructions on the conditions for accessing the Alpha version and even a sneak-peek into gameplay that the community has been waiting for.

To improve community engagement, the News Digest section has been launched. The provided digest is the main way of communication between Chimeras community and the core teams. It will be published every two weeks summarizing our efforts and achievements.

The team has also finalized the NFT packs that will be ready for the sale on the marketplace and INO platforms in March. A total of 8 platforms have expressed a desire to cooperate with us and the venues will be announced shortly.

Lastly, a series of new partnerships have been established with the following companies:

  • Liquidifty — A cross-chain NFT marketplace for increased liquidity and versatility in selling digital assets.
  • Owl Analytics — A blockchain aggregator that provides financial data, research, and indexes on major cryptocurrencies and chains.
  • Supra Oracles — A comprehensive provider of blockchain data and analytics based on a network of oracles.
  • Xion — A trusted crypto payment gateway for any business.


The development team at Chimeras has been working hard over the last two weeks to ensure that project traction is evenly distributed across all main vectors. Such activity is vital to ensure the success of the project and generate value for the community. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Chimeras.

Despite the fact that the political situation has affected part of the development team, we will put all the efforts to ensure that Alpha goes live in March!



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