Chimeras May News Digest

The Chimeras Metaverse development team spent the month laboring to perfect the game and introduce a number of functions and features.

In this month’s digest, we will dive into the technical, creative, and development details of the game’s progress and give a sneak peek into the functions that the team is currently working on.

Game Development

The team spent the month of May in the run-up to the game Global Launch. As the most important event in the project’s traction, the Global Launch is always preceded by a large amount of work and refinement of details, both technical and administrative.

To make sure that the Global Launch goes smoothly, the team exerted extra efforts to enhance the user experience. To this end, the team carried out a complete overhaul of the UI for the Alchemy, Player Profile, and Inventory tabs. This will allow players to see all their items better and navigate the interface. Our gratitude goes out to the players who provided invaluable feedback that allowed us to refine the user interface.

The game also switched to a new client-server architecture, which will allow the team to implement all the features it has planned for the future. This approach is vital to make sure the game is scalable enough to allow the inclusion of add-on functions and features. Who knows what other exciting innovations the blockchain gaming world might offer soon? And we would not want to deprive our players of any functions that they could benefit from.

The Open Alpha was another milestone development the team worked on throughout May. As part of the Open Alpha, the team prepared several updates to introduce into the Quest system. The team also took into account the wishes of players and implemented audio settings for the release of Open Alpha.

Blockchain Development

The blockchain, as the underlying basis of the project, deserves its own section with more details. At present, we are preparing the release of sales of ERC-721 standard tokens on our marketplace and working hard on implementing the NFT staking feature. This will allow the sale of packs in the ERC-721 standard, unlike single NFTs of the ERC-1155 standard.

Art Design

The Art department is a tireless one that never stops producing creative and highly detailed visuals for the game. The artists are delighted to share the following new animations for several of the Chosen Ones:

New Chosen Ones are also being developed, and we are pleased to share their early concepts. Who knows if one of these delightful creatures will end up in your squad?

Only a cinematic will allow players to fully appreciate the quality of the graphics and the smoothness of the animations. That is why the team is currently working on such a full-scale video teaser so we are delighted to share some sneak peek previews of it. Check out the screenshots below and admire them in anticipation.

Marketing Efforts

The marketing activities are in full swing, as the team has recently completed an engaging campaign on Gleam. All the results have been tallied, and we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to all those who have participated in the contest. Our congratulations to the winners! We hope they enjoyed their rewards, which were transferred to their wallets.

A cinematic teaser with an exciting Chimeras battle scene was released recently, enjoy it on the Chimeras YouTube channel.

The team has released a new marketing kit that includes exhaustive information about the project with descriptions, logos, fonts, visuals, and other useful links. The structured document is an ideal go-to resource for bloggers and other potential partners of the project. It has already been distributed to all project partners, thus allowing them to improve the quality of advertising materials.

We are also preparing an exciting chain of letters for all new site visitors. So they will contain engaging content and in-game bonuses. Our mascot, Richie, will reach out to all of you with insights into the profound lore of Chimeras and some telltale hints about potential locations of untold riches scattered across the islands.

The Open Alpha will soon serve as a venue for a new advertising campaign that the team is on the point of launching. The all-encompassing 360-degree advertising campaign for the second stage of the Alpha will entail social network engagement, top crypto media publications, as well as the involvement of bloggers and partners.

We always endeavor to improve user experience and the game tuning for more people to plunge into its exciting gameplay and lucrative earning opportunities. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Chimeras!



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