Chimeras Launches NFT Staking Option

4 min readAug 2, 2022


The Chimeras project is launching the staking option for its in-game NFTs, allowing users to receive additional income and other benefits from assets they hold. The project has planned to implement the staking feature earlier, however completion of the Alpha required the combined efforts of all members of the development team.

The essence of the staking option boils down to offering users several pools where they can stake their NFTs. The minimum quantity for staking is 1 NFT. The reward for the staking program is a % amount in BUSD.

The value of the amount that users can receive as part of the staking program can be found in the following table:

  • Stake NFT — Earn BUSD
  • Term: 30D / 45D / 60D
  • Fixed APR: 50%

To start staking your NFTs, please apply the following steps:

1. Add an NFT to the staking cart. An NFT does not disappear from the collection once it is added to the cart. A Staking cart icon and a banner with a Staking cart button will appear in the menu once an NFT is added. When accessing the cart, players will see the NFTs that they want to stake and are in expectation of confirmation of the staking operation.

2. Confirm staking — When tapping on the ‘Confirm’ button in the Staking cart, the player will pay a gas fee upon signing the transaction using their wallet. The NFT from the Staking cart will be transferred into the Staking pool and will disappear from the Collection for the duration of the selected staking period.

3. The staking deposit period for each NFT is different. For example, the staking period is 30 days for the Chosen One pool. Staking periods and returns information can be found in the ‘Staking’ section.

4. Claiming rewards — Once the staking period expires, access the ‘Staking’ section and find the ‘Take Reward’. To claim rewards, click on the ‘Take reward’ button of the selected staking tariff. The NFT will then be released from the staking pool and will reappear in the collection.

The Chimeras development team is confident that the launch of the NFT staking program will open up new opportunities for players of the game and bootstrap engagement through incentives for holding in-game assets.

The staking pool is limited, and you need to hurry up to participate in the program.

Follow the LINK to stake your NFTs and stay tuned for more news and updates from Chimeras!




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