Chimeras Launches NFT Sales on Native Marketplace

2 min readJul 12, 2022

The Chimeras project is delighted to announce that it has launched sales of its NFTs on a native marketplace.

The Marketplace allows users to buy unique NFTs. Everyone is certain to find something to their liking among the different peaceful Chimeras, packs with Chimeras, and tools. The team welcomes everyone to go straight to the Marketplace and appreciate its affordable prices, and straightforward interface. All purchased NFTs will be tradeable on the Chimeras marketplace and other secondary markets in the near future (feature under development).

The acquired tools and Chimeras can already be used in the Open Alpha. The Chimeras give players an in-game performance boost. Players willing to have an extra edge can equip their Chimeras with tools and gain significant boosts. Earning functions for them will be available after the Global Launch.

Limited-time offer: 10% discount on items purchased for CHIM tokens.

The packs set to be placed on sale will consist of Tiny Packs at $160 each containing 3 Worker Chimeras, 3 items of Food for increasing Chimera’s grade, 1 Miner’s Tool, and Level 3 Island Upgrade Resources per pack. Another Power Packs for $310 each will contain 4 Worker Chimeras, 4 items of Food for increasing Chimera’s grade, 2 Miner’s Tools, and Level 4 Island Upgrade Resources per pack. Wow Packs for $550 each will give players access to 4 Worker Chimeras, 8 items of Food for increasing Chimera’s grade, 3 Miner’s Tools, and Level 5 Island Upgrade Resources.

Players of Chimeras are thrust into a world shrouded in mystery shattered by an ancient conflict against Chaos that was ultimately defeated by the efforts of the Magicians and Alathor the Creator. The Chimeras have ever since worked tirelessly to rebuild the broken islands and maintain peace across the land.

Players can rely on their peaceful Chimeras to mine, fish, or extract valuable elements for use in alchemy. The Chimeras are also adept at running entire islands, increasing the efficiency of buildings, and yielding additional income for their masters.

Players can join the game for free without having to buy CHIM tokens and NFTs. More details about the Open Alpha and the prizes it offers can be found in our previous article.




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