Chimeras June Game Development Digest

3 min readJun 28, 2022


The Chimeras team has been hard at work all throughout the first month of the hot summer, preparing the game for Global launch. With the game’s development progressing, it is time to take a look at the backend of the process and explore some of the achievements made by the various departments involved.

The team successfully finished developing the NFT unboxing mechanics that are now operational as part of the product. The new mechanics allow users to unbox their Tiny, Power and Wow packs via the link to personal account.

Work is also ongoing regarding preparation for the Open Alpha. The team is now adding new quests and improving site responsiveness to ensure that players enjoy the game in full and explore the vast world of Chimeras unhindered by the software.

A new registration feature is now available in the game so users can access it directly from their phones, bypassing the website. Such convenience is crucial for players who enjoy an on-the-go gameplay experience.

The team is currently finalizing the implementation of the CHIM purchase mechanism directly through the website so that players can buy their coins from the project without resorting to third-party platforms. This feature will be launched together with the Open Alpha.

Work is underway on the island editor in preparation for Global Launch. The islands will be three-dimensional and players will be able to customize their configuration to suit their tastes and whims.

Lastly, NFT staking is at the testing stage. The feature is nearing the finish line as the team is in the process of tuning its operability from various angles.

The design team also worked their magic again in June and is ready to share a sneak peek into its creativity. Enjoy these new vibrant arts of Chosen Ones and two new backgrounds that will add a splash of color into the world of Chimeras.

New Chimera skill icons are also ready to be applied for better visualization of Chimera abilities.

The game design team is now working on the combat system. The given core gameplay feature will only be available with the game’s Global Launch. The battle feature is worth waiting for, as the mechanics applied, the animations, graphics and effects are a sight to behold.

On the marketing end, the team has successfully distributed the prizes to all the winners of the Open Alpha.

The team also achieved a major milestone by listing the Chimeras Metaverse on the Play Market. The game’s Open Alpha will be available for mobile on Android phones and can be freely downloaded from the Play Market.

Chimeras is on the fast track to Global Launch with all departments working tirelessly to produce a quality game that can compete with any tier-1 title. Stay tuned for more news and updates as Chimeras gears up for launch!




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